LOGO DESIGN. The logo is one of the most disputed element in corporate design. That's why it's much better to know what you are doing instead just of a good feeling.

Logotypes, signets, symbols, icons: We design them meanwhile for more than 25 years; and since more than 10 years under our own label STUELKEN. We create logotypes as symbols and/or as symbol-word-combination. Additional to that we provide support in the first steps of finding an appropriate name for companies, services, and products, design proforma usement examples and/or the new corporate design. Optmization, redesign, or design new design from scratch. Finally you've got the choice.

Logotypes | Designed by Timm Stuelken PART 3

Logotypes | Designed by Timm Stuelken PART 4

Logotypes | Designed by Timm Stuelken PART 5

Logotypes / Emblemes | Designed by Timm Stuelken PART 6

These logotypes designed by STUELKEN.COM have compared to other logotypes a much higher grade of details as you might know it from crests and emblems. That's why in cases of emblemes / crests we often design a second logotype variation which might be used in smaller size and/or independendly: You'll use the large logotype with a combination of visual symbol plus name / label plus maybe a tagline, and you' use the small or quadratic variant in case of small sizes.

Redesign of existing logotypes and/or preliminary design concepts

There are always cases in which already at the start of a design project maybe for a website and/or brochures your logotype already exists. For years. Or even for decades. You often wish  a redesign to correct fundamental or minor design-, layout-, proportion problems and/or you would like a redesign just to refresh the impression of your logotype while maintaining a good recognition. Many people thing that a re-design of a logotype is atleast 20% easier / faster than designing a new one from scratch, but statistics have shown that this is not true. Redesigning logotypes can be a much harder job than designing a new logotype. It finally depends on your expectations and the level of discussing concepts and corportate identity.

Before / After

We'll add the screenshots later.

Logodesign | Designed by Timm Stuelken
PART "Proforma Utilization Examples"


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