We are small design studio of self-employed designers, integrated in a contemporary network of freelancers and specialist from several branches and services in design, web, print and email.

Approximately more than 90% of our projects we have independly realized in the last years. It is our philosophy that we are not only be able to design and realize design concepts, but also later expand them and maintain their value over a longer period of time. Design is not a matter of a cheap fire-and-forget missile job: You will like to work with us because we are no machines but humans.

Design, project management, and workshops

Especially in the market segment of small and medium size companies, associations, societies, project groups or freelancers just ideas and design is not enough. In fact atleast one single qualified single person is required to stay sure that your project can be realised in a certain period of time and for a certain financial range. The real secret of our success in fact is no secret: We simply combine design, technis and project management within one person, the founder, project manager, designer and developer Timm Stuelken.

Profile ___ Timm Stuelken, engineer and designer, founder, project manager of STUELKEN New Media, combines as a self-employed designer analytic-mathematical thinking, gestalterische, aristic and engineering creativity, and audio visual talents with know-how and experience from design, communications, IT-consulting, programming, structureal analysis & design Entwurfsplanung and quality assurance.

Qualification___ General qualification fo university entrance, Abitur, Germany (1989). Technical University of Darmstadt, diploma (1995). Network and systems administration, Microsoft- und Unix/Linux operating systems, webbased software developement (2002).

Skills ____Constructive geometry, visual communication, 3D Grafik, PHP, XHTML, CSS, XML, XSL, FLASH, JAVA and other script and programming languages. Musical education. Competence in design, communication, web programming. Realisation of workshops, courses, and seminars especially in design and web programming. 

Memberships und Engagement ___ Since 1988 ca. 8 years Federal Agency of Technical Relief (THW, Germany). Internet, email and first websites since ca. 1992. Since 2005 member of Junior Chamber International JCI, in Germany: Wirtschaftsjunioren at Chambers of Industry and Commerce. 

Sprachen ___ German, English, Dutch.





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